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Advice about designing your pages prior to printing

Printninja is an excellent site that covers all the issues from your decision to print your book to designing its final look and feel. provides a succinct quick reference that covers all the bases of professional page layout design.

The title of this web page on is “A Guide for DIY Authors”. Even though it is dated November 2010 it is still a solid introduction and has links to other aspects of publishing, such as understanding fonts and typography.

Google Advanced Search: if you search for “a guide to book layout” you’ll find over 74 million links! You might also try “book layout design”, but this also results in over 70 million hits. If you add quotes to the term you’ll search for the exact phrase and get around 1.6 million hits, many of which will be very helpful.
Don’t be daunted by the apparent mass of advice – much of it covers the same ground, so choose a few links that appeal and follow their advice.

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